A Gift For All Local Parents

As an act of love, we invite you to drop your kiddos off for supervised craft/play.
2pm Monday (10/14)
4:30pm-5pm Tuesday-Friday (10/15-10/18)

2pm Sunday (10/20)
We want to show you LOVE is ALIVE by giving you and your children this treat!

Un Regalo Para Usted Que Habla Español

A las once de la mañana del miércoles 10/16 y tambien a las diez de la mañana del sabado 10/19, el señor Cano de Costa Rica predicará en español en la iglesia, Yah's Restoration Fellowship (YHVH's Restaurador Comunión) a la direccion: 806 Rains CR 3330, Emory, TX.

El señor Jack Chadbourne interpretará.


October 14-21, 2019

(Days begin at sunset prior to these dates.)

Celebrate Sukkot!
(Sukkot = Temporary Dwellings)

Our King lived in a temporary dwelling, The Tabernacle, with His people while they lived in tents. He resided in The Temple with His people in The Land. He put on the tabernacle of humanity to live among us, taking the form of a servant in order to die for us, and He was raised to new life in a new body. He promises His people a new life and a new body. When He comes again, He will live with us, giving us power to reign with Him. Then, all that is temporary will pass away, and we will dwell with Him forever.

Our Messiah Savior came to save us! Our Messiah King is returning to deliver us!


Read on to see what we've got planned this year, don't miss out on this exciting time!

We welcome families, couples, singles, and children with parent/guardian.

Contact us if you would like to celebrate Sukkot with us.

Camping Fee is $25 per Family.

Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Set Up Camp!
Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Pitch Your Tents!
Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Enjoy the Outdoors!
We Are Family in Messiah!
Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Family Nights
Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Family Drama

These are photos from a recent Sukkot.

Setup Camp - Sunday October 13 - This evening begins the 1st holy day.

Daily Activities and Meetings - October 14-21, we'll have morning crafts for children and adults to enjoy together, various activities in the afternoons and evenings, and special meetings during the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Please see Fellowship for a daily schedule.

Strike Camp - Options: Sunday, October 20 prior to sunset; Monday, October 21 after sunset; Tuesday morning, October 22

Last Great Day - (Shimini Atzeret) Monday, October 21, we'll end our celebration with a special meeting and fellowship.

  • Large open field camping area for tents, RVs, pop-ups
  • Access to toilets
  • Access to electricity
  • Access to outdoor water
  • Access to indoor kitchen, dining, and recreation area in fellowship building
  • Indoor sleeping, showers, toilets  - limited availability
  • Outdoor lighting at one end of field near volleyball net (usually 11pm curfew for games)
  • Limited access to main building
  • THIS YEAR we have the use of an inflatable play area and inflatable slide Tuesday-Friday.

GROUND RULES: No one under age 18 is permitted in the sanctuary without adult supervision. Please be considerate of others in conduct, dress, and conversation. Be on guard for the safety of our children and report any inappropriate behavior to John Robinson or Tony Clawson. Everyone needs to pitch in and cooperate in keeping our facility clean and orderly.  Thank you!

All overnight guests and campers, be sure to bring your own linens--sheets, blankets, bath towels, hand towels, washrags, pillows, and pillowcases. There will be none available in the dorms or apartment/house. Also, bring your own drinking cups to use during the day. Thank you!

Other personal items campers should consider bringing: lawn chairs, insect repellent, rain gear, clothing for all temps, cooler with ice and cold drinks, drinking water, coffee/tea and mug, Bible, spiral notebook, pens/pencils. These are just a few suggestions. There may be other items you'll need. See the section on FOOD.

Dress Code

We require modesty as defined on our Meet With Us page under Helpful Details: Dress Code. During the week, knee-length shorts are acceptable, and clothes are generally more casual than on Sabbath. But standards of modesty still apply.

Everyone should adhere to these standards so that we don't dishonor our Messiah. Thank you.

FREE T-SHIRT is available for those involved in our Sukkot! Our 2019 theme is LOVE ALIVE.

Love Alive t-shirt (front)
Love Alive T-shirt (back)


Monday 10/14

08:00 AM - Crafts
11:00 AM - Meeting:
John Robinson speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
03:00 PM - Meeting:
Tony Clawson speaking
05:30 PM - Supper
07:00 PM - Praise & Worship, followed by foot-washing

Tuesday 10/15

08:00 AM - Crafts
11:00 AM - Meeting:
Jack Chadbourne speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
02:00 PM - Youth Activities and Fishing
05:30 PM - Supper
07:00 PM - Meeting:
Tom Linebaugh speaking

Wednesday 10/16

08:00 AM - Crafts
11:00 AM - Meeting:
Arlay Cano speaking
Jack Chadbourne interpreting
01:00 PM - Lunch
02:00 PM - Youth Activities
05:30 PM - Special Supper
07:00 PM - Music at campfire

Thursday 10/17

07:00 AM - Those participating in abortion street ministry depart for Shreveport to return at 2PM.
08:00 AM
 - Crafts
11:00 AM - Meeting:
Rusty Miesel speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
02:00 PM - Youth Activities
05:00 PM - Early Supper
06:00 PM - Early Meeting:
Eric Christian speaking
Special songs, dances
Campfire with deserts afterward

Friday 10/18

08:00 AM - Crafts
11:00 AM - Meeting:
Matthew Teel speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
03:00 PM - Meeting:
Rusty Miesel speaking
05:30 PM - Supper
07:00 PM - Music & Bible Study

Sabbath 10/19

10:00 AM - Praise & Worship:
Arlay Cano speaking
Jack Chadbourne interpreting
01:00 PM - Lunch
03:00 PM - Meeting:
Eliyahu Cohen speaking
05:00 PM - Early Supper
06:30 PM - Singing Service
08:00 PM - Hayride

Sunday 10/20

10:00 AM - Ladies' Prayer
11:00 AM - Meeting:
Rusty Miesel speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
02:00 PM - Youth Activities
03:00 PM - Q & A Rusty Miesel
05:30 PM - Supper
07:00 PM - Campfire Fellowship

Monday 10/21

11:00 AM - Meeting:
Jack Chadbourne speaking
01:00 PM - Lunch
03:30 PM - Optional Meeting
05:30 PM - Supper


Guests, please refer to Meet With Us page under Helpful Details, topic Meat.

Special Pioneer Dinner Wednesday - Bring "pioneer" clothes, an item or an outfit, if you'd like to dress up for an old-fashioned candlelit soup dinner. Children will learn to "set the table" and people will be encouraged to sit with those they don't know well, get to know one another better, especially "l'dor v'dor" (from generation to generation).

Communal Supper Menu (food provided by all for all) - For breakfasts and lunches, you're on your own.

Sunday - pizza
- sandwiches
Tuesday - hot dogs, hamburgers, chips
Wednesday -  soups, cheeses, crackers
Thursday - casseroles, salads
Friday - turkey, dressing, beans, mashed potatoes (cooked prior to sunset)
Sabbath - potluck
Sunday - grilled steak and chicken, potatoes (cooked prior to sunset)
Monday - sandwiches

Contact us if you have any questions about the menu or what to bring. We'll get back with you as soon as we can.


Cornhole Toss

From 8am-10am, children, teens, and adults can have fun making corn bags and cornhole boards. Men and boys will be outdoors, building the boards. Women and girls will be indoors, sewing the bags.

But that's not all!!

Adults and youth will get to know each other more, learn to appreciate each other's differences, and teach one another how Yah's LOVE is ALIVE in us--from generation to generation!

Inflatable Fun

Yah is providing for us
an amazing opportunity to enjoy

An inflatable obstacle course
and water slide will be
at the campsite
Tuesday through Friday.

Participants must sign a waiver.
There is no additional fee
for our campers and guests.


During the day and after the evening service until 11pm, youth are welcome to enjoy  spirited volleyball.  There is a volleyball net and outdoor lighting.

For those who prefer a fireside chat, we will have a campfire going most nights. Pull up a lawn chair and relax. Feel free to bring a guitar.

camp fire

3 thoughts on “SUKKOT 2019”

  1. I’m excited to spend the Holy Days and entire festival of Sukkot with My Family at Yah’s Restoration Fellowship! Hopefully the warden says yes to our Assembly bringing a special Feast meal into the Assembly inside one of the TDCJ Units!

  2. My family and I will be there and are excited to celebrate this feast with friends and family in Messiah! We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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