Fall Celebrations of YAH

Feast of Trumpets

Yom Kippur
(Day of Atonement)

Sunday-Monday, September 27-28 
The holy day begins at sunset Sunday, September 27, and continues through sunset Monday, September 28.

The Bible refers to this day as Yom haKippurim, Day of Coverings. It is observed by fasting, prayer, and a focus on our need for a sin-offering and righteous covering so our guilt and shame are removed. Both coverings were provided by YHVH in Messiah Yeshua. We who trust in Yeshua have hope and joy on this day, knowing that we are accepted by Yah because Yeshua's blood was shed to pay (cover) the debt of our sins, and we are clothed (covered) in His righteousness.

Yom Teruah
(Feast of Trumpets)

Friday-Sabbath, September 18-19 - The holy day begins at sunset Friday, September 18, and continues through sunset Sabbath, September 19.

Literally the Day of Loud Noises, Yom Teruah is the only holy day that coincides with the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon (Rosh Chodesh). It is the first day of the 7th month in Yah's holy calendar. We are commanded to celebrate with shouts and blasts of the shofar. It is a day of alarm and terror for those who are unprepared for Yeshua's coming, but a day of victory and jubilation for those who eagerly await Him.

Yom Kippur




spiritual warfare-prayer

Warriors' Strategy Meetings

Who? Everyone

What? Guest Speakers, Music, Midrash, Campfire Praise & Worship

When? See schedule below for entire week of Sukkot.

Where? Main Building or Around the Campfire

Warriors' Training Camp

When? Every Morning of Sukkot 9AM-10:15AM

Who? All Kids and Teens (Be sure to wear tennis shoes that you can get dirty! Shoes are required for some activities.)

Where? Fellowship Building and/or Field Next to Main Building and/or near the camping area

What? Warrior's Workout Obstacle Course, Armor, Crafts and Activities, Snacks


1st Day:  Sunset Friday, October 2 through sunset, Sabbath, October 3

Friday 10/2 - Informal Fellowship and Praise

Sabbath 10/3 - 10:30AM Speaker: Emmanuel, Music: Jonathan; Afternoon Dance Lessons; 7:00PM Campfire Praise and Worship

Sunday 10/4 - 10:30AM Speaker: Rusty Miesel, Music: TBA; 7:00PM Campfire Praise and Worship

Monday 10/5 - 10:30AM Midrash: Turning Hearts of the Children; 7:00PM Speaker: Eliyah Cohen, Music: Rusty Miesel

Tuesday 10/6 - 10:30AM Midrash: Disciples; Afternoon: Fishing; 7:00PM Speaker: Emmanuel, Music: John Robinson

Wednesday 10/7 - 10:30AM Midrash: Spirit of Prophecy; 7:00PM Speaker: James Gillispie, Music: James Gillispie

Thursday 10/8 - 10:30AM Midrash: Spirit of The Law; 7:00PM Speaker: James Gillispie, Music: Visitors

Friday AM 10/9 - 10:30AM Midrash (continued)

Last Great Day (8th Day): Sunset Friday, October 9 through sunset Sabbath, October 10

Friday PM 10/9 continued - 7:00PM Speaker: Rusty Miesel, Music: Visitors

Sabbath 10/10 - Speaker: Emmanuel, Music: Youth-Led Service

Location: Campground next to the main building

Sukkot-Camp Meeting
Praise & Worship
Fellowship by the Fire

Meal Plans
(Check back for possible updates.)

Themed Shared Menus for Dinner/Supper:

Please Bring Enough For Your Family Plus Some to Share with any possible Guests!

Fellowship will purchase the following ONLY ...

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and other times as needed: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo
Sunday Supper:  (canned) Nacho Cheese and Tortilla Chips
Thursday Supper: Sour Cream, Butter, Cheese
Friday Supper: Chopped BBQ Beef
As Needed: Lunch Meat and Cheese for extra guests
Everyone Bring Something That Fits The Menus Shown Below ...
10/3 Saturday :
Potluck Leftovers and Hot Dogs (no pork)
10/4 Sunday:
Nachos - Bring all your favorite nacho fixin's! Chili is a great option/topping!
10/5 Monday:
Pastas and Salads
10/6 Tuesday:
Soups and Sandwiches
(STEW COOKOFF! - Contact Melissa Rawlins for details)
10/6 Wednesday:
Chicken Legs, Bread, Corn on the Cob, and Tomato Soup with Fruit Cobblers for Dessert
This night is the Sukkot Victory Warrior's Feast (DRESS UP NIGHT) ... suggestions... Bible warrior in armor, dancer as sent before battle, bearing a shofar like priests at Jericho, or Prayer Warrior in everyday attire
10/7 Thursday:
Steak Night with Baked Potatoes (Fellowship supplies only sour cream, butter, and cheese.)
10/8 Friday:
Chopped Beef Sandwiches, Chips, Watermelon (Fellowship supplies the meat. Others need to bring buns, chips, onions, pickles, etc., AND watermelons.)
10/10 Saturday: Pot Luck Leftovers and Hot Dogs (no pork)

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  1. Hopefully, someday soon, Yah will improve my life, and allow me to visit with you all every shabbat, and enjoy the worship of Him with you. Please pray for me, that this will happen soon and often.
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