Ladies’ Monthly Prayer

Please contact Pastor John Robinson at [email protected] if interested in resuming these meetings. Thank you.

Ladies now meet at 2:30 PM every 4th Sabbath.
We will meet SEPTEMBER 26 AT 2:30 PM in the room behind the second door on the left as you enter the foyer.

Please continue your meditation on John 17 with a focus this month on verses 22-23. Yeshua declares it is His glory (splendid character displayed in love) that unites us, makes us one (echad) with YHVH and one another. This glory shows the world that Yeshua is the promised Messiah, Redeemer of humanity, and that we are His own, beloved in the Messiah.

Do we display unity with YHVH in Messiah by our love for Him and for one another?

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Sharing prayer requests and praying aloud is always voluntary!

6 thoughts on “Ladies’ Monthly Prayer”

  1. Please Pray for a REAL Awakening to Repentance, and of Seeking the Face of our Blessed Father, Creator and Messiah.. The USA is in such trouble, due to the falling away of the mainline Churches, it is heartbreaking. The enemy is dividing everywhere he can, of course knows his time is short, and doing all he can to destroy anything Biblical, and of honor to the Holy Father and Messiah.. Thank you for your devotion, and patience, in YHVH, Blessings to all, ps Please where is your donate link?

    1. We are not sure at this time. Various family matters needed to take precedence for several ladies last fall and winter. We’ll announce it here and on our Facebook page when the opportunity arises again. Thank you for asking and may Yah richly bless you for your heart of prayer.

    1. I apologize for missing this. Our next ladies’ meeting is scheduled for April 19, 10AM. Please forgive my inattention. –Kathleen

  2. Sister Kathleen has sent out email reminders about our Ladies Meeting. Hoping to see you there!

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