Shouting Stones!

Yeshua said, "If my people keep silent ...
Stones Cry Out

Don't Make Your Stone Cry!

Shouting Stone

Find a Stone?

Is it painted?  Is this link on it?


You found a Shouting Stone!

What does it mean? 

We're glad you asked!

Help your stone find its purpose!

Here's how:

Take a photo if you can.

Take a Photo

Put the stone where someone else will find it.

Relocate the Rock

Leave a comment below.
Include a link to your photo if possible.



Praise YAH

Shout With Us!
Show The Stones
Our Praise Rocks!

Come to Yah's Restoration Fellowship

10AM Saturday (Sabbath)

And don't be silent!

Turn off FM 515 onto RCR 3330.

Look for our sign on the corner and in front of our building (about a mile from the corner).

806 RCR 3330 Emory TX
Praise YAH

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