Shavuot June 9

The countdown began April 21 this year.  Seven Sabbaths plus one day and exactly 50 days will be June 9.

Yah’s Restoration Fellowship will gather for this holy assembly in the main building at 10AM, June 9. Jerry Dodd will be our guest speaker. Afterward, we’ll enjoy an oneg. Instead of potluck, we’ll bring sandwiches and chips. Fellowship is providing ice cream for dessert.

Yah’s holy day of Shavuot (“Weeks” in Hebrew), also called Pentecost (from a Greek word meaning 50th), commemorates the time when Yah gave His Torah (instructions) at Sinai to His people, Israel, so they would know how to live a holy life. It was also on Shavuot after Yeshua’s resurrection (exactly 10 days–as in 10 commandments–after His ascension) that Yah gave those who trusted and obeyed Him the gift of His Holy Spirit to dwell in them continually so they could indeed live a holy life.

At Sinai, the people promised to obey but rebelled and 3000 people were killed. At the temple during Shavuot when the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the people who put their confidence in Yah’s promised Messiah, 3000 people were saved and given new life. We must not rebel, but instead, allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to be obedient children.

The Apostle Paul reminds us that even those of us who were once outside the covenant promises of Israel have now been grafted in and are children of Abraham by faith. So whether we were born Jewish or non-Jewish, if we have been born from above by the Holy Spirit’s grace–that is, Yah’s power at work in us to bring us to Himself with the purpose of living in holy fellowship with Him–through faith–that is, the kind of confidence in Yah that produces obedience to His Word, We have reason to celebrate on this glorious day of Shavuot!

Chag Sameach! (Happy Holy Day!)

Read about Shavuot: Exodus 20 and 32:28; Leviticus 23:15-21; Acts 2, especially verses 38-41
Read about how Messiah makes both Jews and non-Jews one people, Israel: Romans 11:17-18; Galatians 3:7; Ephesians 2:12-13, 17-22

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  1. We are new to Texas. Yah’s Restoration Fellowship gave us a wonderful warm and heart felt welcome. So blessed to have a place to fellowship, praise Yah and study with brothers and sisters in the faith as we seek Yah’s face and grow together in Him.

  2. My, what a blessing to be in Yah’s house yesterday for the celebration of Shavuot/Pentecost! Jerry Dodd delivered a message Yah put on his heart for us, and I could sense it was truly the Spirit at work through him. His challenge to share the Good News of Messiah Yshua to someone each day, to deliberately make myself available to the Holy Spirit by purposely yielding to Him upon waking and to wait until He clothed me in Messiah before starting my day, has already borne fruit. At the end of the service, I received a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, as did many, and I started out today on my knees. I had an errand in town and asked my Heavenly Father to use me to speak to someone about His Word. He did! I was able to share yesterday’s message–and more–with a dental hygienist who knows Messiah but needed to hear that message and the message of restoration. I believe Yah has commissioned each of us to bring the Good News of restoration through Messiah to everyone we meet. I’m overjoyed to be walking in the Spirit today, and I pray that I’ll continue. I pray that we all will continue to reflect Messiah’s light in the darkness, carry His fragrance wherever we go in this decaying world, and speak words seasoned with salt–let Him be salt and light in and through us–bringing hope and life to those we encounter everywhere we are.

    1. How exciting that Brother Dodd could share Yahshua’s love with y’all
      I’m sorry I missed the set apart convocation but you won’t be surprised that through my viral, bronchial weakness Yahshua’s fresh anointing was given and I was renewed in spirit
      HalleluYah for our Family in Messiah

    2. Yes, Kathleen, Jerry Dodd said some things that were blunt and to the point. I can say it stepped on my toes about laziness in Yah’s House and about Yah’s business.

  3. I am very impressed with our new website and our new Name for our congregation ” YAH’S RESTORATION FELLOWSHIP.”

    I also am so thankful to our sister Kathleen Young for the hours of hard work to make the website possible.I appreciate her husband Mitchel Young for his consideration and patience as she spent those many hours away from household duties for this beneficial cause.

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