Ladies’ Monthly Prayer

We WILL meet for Ladies' Monthly Prayer.  

In preparation, let's meditate on John 17: 9-12. Yeshua prayed for us and continues to pray for us. (Romans 8:34 and Hebrews 7:25) What power is being unleashed on our behalf! Let us be mindful of this as we seek intimacy with Yeshua in contemplation of his prayer in the garden.

Each time we meet, we enjoy fellowship with brunch and a discussion of our meditations and concerns, yielding to the Holy Spirit as He directs us to pray.

prayer and share

Sharing prayer requests and praying aloud is always voluntary!

homemade biscuits

Janie's homemade "sausage" biscuits are made with
ground beef and sausage-flavor seasonings. These, a sweet treat, coffee, and real juice are our typical brunch fare.

apple fritter

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